Online IQ Test - acronym of intelligence quotient tests - has already been too familiar to us, however have you ever tried test IQ? Do you want to know how much the IQ of yourself is? Let's find out in this article.

In the early 19th century, Intelligence Quotient test was first invented, it was a tool to measure IQ of a person compared to their current age. But after a while, people soon found out biases and inaccuracies of this quick IQ test method. Based on that, new enhancements to the test with three standard deviation of 15, 16, 26 were updated. Since then the test become more accurate with the rate up to over 99%. Intelligence Quotient tests are then widely used till today.

Owners of high online IQ test results often work more productive, more efficient, accurate and in depth than normal people. Therefore in IT companies, accounting agencies, banks, staff recruitment usually requires candidates to test IQ.

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